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Camardo Miscelab 1kg
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- Sort: Coffee
- Brand: Camardo
- Origin: Italy
- Package: 1 kg
- Weight: 6 kg
- For: Ice cream shop
- Status: Stock
- Catalogue: Download here



Add: 26LK14 Mau Luong, Hanoi, Vietnam
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Miscela camardo bean coffee is a perfect blend of the finest arabica beans from Colombia, Brazil, Kenya and India with a touch of African Robusta. Mild heat treatment retains the full flavor and aroma of the coffee beans. Arabica gives the drink an intense flavor with fruity acidity, while Robusta provides a mild bitterness in the aftertaste.



Used for espresso, moka, drip, plunger machines.
See instructions for use on the product and accompanying manual. If unclear, please contact us for further information about the product. Support: 0916 819 888. Send Email to receive formula and price quote:


- Always store coffee in a clean and air-tight box: A clean and air-tight box will prevent your coffee powder from releasing odors into the outside environment.
- Avoid exposing coffee to temperatures that are too hot or too cold (ideal temperature 20 - 25oC), light, humidity, and odors.
- Do not store coffee beans or powdered coffee before or after brewing in the refrigerator or refrigerator compartment.
- Avoid rats, bugs, insects... biting.



Nhiệt độ Không để dưới nhiệt độ trên 31 %
Nắng Tránh ánh nắng chiếu vào
Mưa Tránh mưa, nên để nơi thoáng mát
Độ ẩm Tránh độ ẩm cao, ẩm ướt
Sử dụng Xem chi tiết trên sản phẩm

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Miscela camardo coffee beans 1kg provide a delicious, rich flavor. Miscela camardo coffee beans 1kg bring a unique, delicate flavor to help you fully enjoy.
Coffee is packaged in 1kg bags, very convenient to use.
Camardo Miscela 1kg is a very strong flavored coffee with a smooth layer of cream creating a delicious aromatic flavor, with a passionate temperament and high personality, aroma and impact that makes the aftertaste linger for a long time.
A blend made from high quality arabica coffee beans, coming from India, central and south America and with a selected percentage coming mainly from South America.
It is a very well-balanced blend, with low acidity, ideal for espresso as well as for any specialty coffee that requires blending with milk.
It has a sweet, almost syrupy flavor with a nutty and present aftertaste and a creamy texture with a compact texture.
The product is used for high-end coffee shops. The product is used in preparing professional coffee dishes such as Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Affogato, Macchiato, brown coffee, black coffee, silver coffee. Coffee beans are rich in cream, beneficial for health. health, has high nutritional value, so it is used in resort bars and hotels. The product is for rich people who love clean coffee.
Coffee has a harmonious, rich flavor with a fruity sour taste, a sweet aftertaste, with a dense, enveloping texture. This mixture is suitable for milk. Micarda Bar Camardo Italian coffee beans are supplied in 1 kg vacuum packaging, ensuring the preservation of flavor and aroma. Miscela camardo coffee beans are packaged in 1 kg vacuum packs, retaining all the properties of a unique coffee bean blend, providing a delicious, rich flavor.
Miscela Bar Coffee 1 Kg of coffee beans in an air release bag with a one-way valve, preventing outside air from entering the package and losing the flavor of the coffee.
A blend made of high quality Arabica coffee beans, coming from India, Central and South America and with a selected percentage of Robusta coming mainly from South America.
It is a very balanced blend, with low acidity, ideal for espresso as well as for any specialty coffee that requires blending with milk.
It has a sweet, almost mixed taste with a nutty and persistent aftertaste and is creamy with a compact texture.
Arabica coffee is popular abroad and brewed by machine, so similarly, it is difficult for foreigners coming to Vietnam to match the richness and strength of Robusta.
Arabica coffee is suitable for Italian-style brewing, or for those with a gentle taste. For those who are used to the bitter taste of Vietnamese coffee, when drinking Arabica coffee, they often comment that it is a bit bland and sour. However, this is a popular Arabica coffee flavor abroad and is brewed by machine. When Vietnamese customers enjoy it, they are not interested in the slightly sour taste, but the more they drink it, the more attractive this coffee becomes. For foreigners coming to Vietnam, it is difficult to match the richness and bitterness of Robusta coffee.
1000g seeds, sealed valve to keep the smell (Some other lines from 250 gr, 500 gr, 3000 gr)
60% Robusta & 40% Arabica
Typical favorite flavors from Southern Italy
Thick layer of crema
Rich flavor from hazelnuts and mild chocolate taste
Origin: Italy
CAMARDO coffee beans are selected raw from the Brazilian islands and some regions in South America and South Africa, transported to the CAMARDO factory in Italy to process and filter out the most quintessential beans for each product line under the CAMARDO brand. . Then, roasted with modern technology and carefully packaged by CAMARDO, it contributes to creating a strong appeal for a cup of coffee with a rich Italian Espresso flavor.
60% pure Robusta Coffee, 40% Roasted Arabica Coffee, no preservatives.
Humidity ≤ 5%
Caffeine ≥ 1%
Slightly sour taste mixed with slight bitterness along with a gentle, seductive aroma of coffee. Brings strong coffee flavor and thick layer of crema. Suitable: coffee connoisseur, likes uniqueness and can drink sour taste.
Most suitable for drinking Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, iced black coffee or traditional filter coffee combined with sugar or condensed milk, coffee milkshake, moka coffee,...
CAMARDO coffee is packaged from 250 gr, 500 gr, 1000 gr, 3000 gr with high quality plastic bags and tin boxes suitable for all types of use from Moka pots to professional brewing machines.
Whole coffee beans and Coffee Powder are packaged in sealed packaging, with a one-way air release valve from Italy.
To fully enjoy the rich flavor of pure CAMARDO coffee and ensure that the coffee quality is always in the best state, users should pour the whole bag into the grinder and then close the lid, after pouring the coffee beans into it. , users can use it for many months without any problems like Vietnamese seeds or other poor quality seeds. Observe that CAMARDO seeds do not become wet after a long time after being poured from the bag or tin box.
Store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight and high humidity.
Expiry date: 24 - 36 months from date of manufacture.
CAMARDO coffee beans are imported exclusively by TADAVINA COMPANY for distribution throughout Vietnam.
CAMARDO brand coffee beans and coffee beans have been imported and distributed directly from Ripalimosani (Campobasso), Italy, Europe, Australia, and Asia since 1948 by TADAVINA Company (VUAKEM). The CAMARDO brand meets international standards for food hygiene and safety and the highest quality of coffee beans - CAMARDO coffee beans are packaged with the world's best technology and are wonderfully different from beautiful and legendary Italy. China, the capital and cradle of creative gelato and espresso.
CAMARDO is famous for its Robusta and Arabica product lines... for espresso coffee shop chains around the world.
Please contact VUAKEM for Advice, Guidance and Buying the best coffee beans in Italy. VUAKEM will help you create the best Italian espresso coffees in Vietnam. Coffee shops, restaurants, and buffets need perfect Western coffee dishes.
Come to VUAKEM, committed to supporting you from leading Experts and Bristas from CAMARDO.
Contact for more detailed advice:
Hotline: (+8424) 3906 8888
TADAVINA COMPANY, 26 adjacent to 14 Mau Luong, Hanoi. |


Address 26LK14 Mau Luong, Hanoi, Vietnam
VAT 0107466001
Tell +84 024 232 11111
Cellphone +84 0986 883 888

Camardo Company is a pioneer in coffee exportation abroad reaching markets in Australia, Canada and the United States.

From its birth the coffee bean plays the leading role in our high quality control system, beginning with the selection of the green coffee beans and concluding with the selling of the product. For more than 50 years we have assured quality in every single phase of production. Company procedures are monitored daily for research and study of new products as we reach towards our primary goal: the complete satisfaction of our clients. This continual striving for excellence has rewarded us with the Certificate of High Quality ISO 9001.

A delicate process of renovation of the corporate’s image begins by restyling the company’s trademark and packaging aimed more towards an international clientele.

Camardo’s manufacturing plant is situated in Campobasso/Ripalimosani and spans across 15,000 square meters, 10,000 of which are covered. There are 8 production lines for packaging, allowing us to manufacture over 2,000 tons of coffee each year.

70% of the production is destined for the HO.RE.CA. sector, while the remaining 30% is ground and packed for retail or into pods and capsules.

We are proud to provide our customers with four generations of tradition and experience combined with the latest manufacturing equipment.

Camardo’s package designs are innovative, attractive, highly functional and made with high quality materials.

We have distinguished every pack with different colours, provided them with freshness and aroma saver valves and text translated in 14 languages.

From its birth the coffee bean plays the leading role in our high quality control system, beginning with the selection of the green coffee beans and concluding with the selling of the product. For more than 50 years we have assured quality in every single phase of production.

Company procedures are monitored daily for research and study of new products as we reach towards our primary goal: the complete satisfaction of our clients.
This continual striving for excellence has rewarded us with the Certificate of High Quality ISO 9001.


TADAVINA, established in 2016, importing of the gelato ingredients and equipment, located in Hanoi, Vietnam.


TADAVINA have distributed about Gelato, Yogurt and Soft ice cream ingredients, imported from Italia until now. All products that we always focus on importing and selling high quality products with Gelato Ingredients, Gelato Machines, Gelato showcases, Ice cream cabinets, Coffee Machines, Coffee grinders, Coffee Beans, Milkshake machines, Blast freezers, Pizza Ovens into Vietnam for gelato shops, coffee shops, bakery shops.


All of Gelato and coffee products, made in Italia, Greece, England, are being imported to sell for gelato shops, restaurants, bars, bakery and cafe like Gelato machines, soft machines, Coffee machines, Coffee beans, coffee grinders, blast freezers, cabinets, gelato showcases, milkshake machines, dispenser machines, slush machines.


Developed from an importer and brand representative, supplying gelato equpment and Italian ice cream ingredients and leading Italian gelato equipment. It is a combination of passion for clean ice cream and coffee, constantly thinking about how to create the purest, most outstanding and most delicious tea products for the community.


All of products displayed in the big showroom, the customers are able to see the actual products to  buy. After buying, the customers will be supported by the teams with 10 skillful technicians for gelato and café equipment…


TADAVINA with an excellent space for Gelato with ice-cream machines and showcases & Gelato Ingredients, to train customers how to make ice-cream, or to test and taste our products in the Italian restaurant naming Roma Dela. Here is also a large, well-equipped training room for Barista, Bartender and a great place to create new drinks, make demo to our customers.


TADAVINA are proud of perfect partners for setting up the Italian restaurants of Gelato, Café. Why ? We have got full conditons for your projects, we are importers, we are the supplier, we are the advisors. They are necessary for your long projects.


Always TADAVINA follow closely with you, with your success.

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