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Tủ cấp đông nhanh BCC/4011
Code: BCC/4011
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- Sort: Blast Freezer
- Brand: GEMM
- Origin: Italy
- Package: 20 - 150 kg
- Weight: 20 - 150 kg
- For: Ice cream shop
- Status: Stock
- Catalogue: Download here



Add: 26LK14 Mau Luong, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: +84 24 2321 1111 - Mob: +84 916 819 888
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BLAST FREEZER FOR 1 GN 2/1 – 600X800 TRUCK – Quick freezer helps reduce the core temperature of food quickly: cool from +90°C to +3°C in 90 minutes and freeze from +90°C to - 18°C in 240 minutes. Equipped with a multi-function and multi-language electronic panel that allows, thanks to the 5'' color touch screen graphic display, to easily organize work cycles, set up multiple functions and Have complete control over cooling or freezing the blast. The board is connected to the Wi-Fi device, via a Cloud platform, to monitor and modify device operation or diagnose any problems remotely (PC, tablet or smartphone). Minimum air temperature -40°C.



GEMM is a manufacturer of ultra-fast freezers, freezers, ice cream storage cabinets, cool storage cabinets for specialized foods such as gelato, cakes, frozen foods, and specialized medical equipment in Treviso, Italy. .
Excels in the field of manufacturing ice cream cabinets, ice cream storage cabinets, and gelato ice cream storage cabinets in Italy with many beautifully designed models. GEMM is a manufacturer of ice cream storage cabinets, ice cream storage cabinets, and coolers for gelato, pastry, and chocolate ice cream shops. The products are 100% manufactured and assembled in Italy.
GEMM with more than 50 years of experience, is present in more than 100 countries around the world. Many years in the refrigeration equipment manufacturing industry have allowed GEMM to produce super fast cooling equipment with small to large sizes, reaching the desired temperature required by every customer.





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Support: +84 0986 883 888

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Fast freezers manufactured by GEMM quickly cool down the center of the product, allowing excellent and effective product preservation, especially gelato.
Faster temperature reduction thanks to quick freezing allows preserving products from bacterial attack, prolonging storage time and avoiding product loss, as well as changes in nutritional and sensory properties.
For example, reducing temperatures is essential in the fishing industry: by law, all restaurants serving raw fish are required to use professional air conditioning. These devices allow chefs to refrigerate equipment for short periods of time avoiding the risk of parasitic and bacterial contamination thanks to very low temperatures that keep food contained for at least 24 hours.
Observing this process in detail, during rapid cooling (freezing) of the raw product, the formation of microcrystals may begin. Secondary ones can persist within the cellular structure and certainly persist for longer periods of time. The chillers and freezers of our NEW RUNNER commercial range are valuable allies for preserving fresh food with maximum biological protection and versatility: they give enables experts to manage production processes and avoid food waste, delivering significant time and cost reduction benefits.


GEMM is a manufacturer of ultra-fast freezers, freezers, ice cream storage cabinets, specialized cool storage cabinets such as gelato, cakes, frozen foods, and specialized medical equipment in Treviso, Italy.
Excels in the field of manufacturing ice cream cabinets, ice cream storage cabinets, and gelato ice cream storage cabinets in Italy with many beautiful designs. GEMM is a manufacturer of ice cream storage cabinets, ice cream storage cabinets, and coolers for gelato, cake, and chocolate shops. The products are 100% manufactured and quickly assembled in Italy.
GEMM with more than 50 years of experience, is present in more than 100 countries around the world. For many years of manufacturing refrigeration equipment, GEMM has allowed the production of super-speed cooling equipment with small to large sizes, reaching the desired temperature required by every customer.
With many product lines of ice cream storage cabinets and gelato ice cream storage cabinets trusted by many users around the world, MASTER is GEMM's leading product line, multi-functional to meet all customer needs. hanging goods; Specialized product for Gelato and Frozen with insulation up to 100mm, convenient handle, high capacity and outstanding performance.

Bakery products: The GEMM Blast Chiller has become a new labor force for your laboratory, increasing profits and quality with a rhythm of work that is definitely less stressful.
Products for Gelato: Since many years GEMM refrigeration equipment adds value and improves the production of artisanal ice cream, ice cream cakes and cold desserts. GEMM may publish one of the first ice cream masters.


Products for bread: GEMM storage chillers have opened new horizons and new markets for the artisanal and industrial production of breads and brioches. You can store the product uncooked, partially or completely cooked and leafy, preserving anyway the integrity and aroma.


GEMM products are used in many countries with power sources of 230/1P or 400/3P with frequency of 50hz or 60Hz depending on customer requirements. This product is not a mass product, the product is only produced after the parties agree on the details suitable for each country.
In Vietnam, TADAVINA Company is the exclusive importer and distributor for all GEMM products. Other information on the website may be incorrect or misleading. Buy the right products, genuine brands at TADAVINA as well as warranty companies that are bought and resold at TADAVINA.

Address 26LK14 Mau Luong, Hanoi, Vietnam
VAT 0107466001
Tell +84 024 232 11111
Cellphone +84 0986 883 888

 Established in 1995, as part of a group of companies with 70 years of experience in stainless steel processing operations, made possible to have the necessaries skills for the realization of an efficient and durable product since the beginning, Techfrost was one of the first in the market to produce the Blast chillers / blast freezers. Now with 20+ years experience, Techfrost is present in more than 80 countries. This knowledge allowed Techfrost to become the first company to produce a small dimensions blast chiller, able to reach temperatures previously possible only on medium-big sized machines.

Techfrost blast chillers are essential instruments that enable safe, high quality food preparation. Fast reduction of core food temperatures (chilling from +90°C to +3°C in 90 minutes; freezing from +90°C to -18°C in 240 minutes) inhibits growth of micro-organisms whilst keeping the freshness and flavour of every food intact by exposing the product to indirect airflow only.

Blast chillers / blast freezers completely eliminate the risk of bacteriological contamination resulting in completely safe and hygienic food preparation.

Blast chillers / blast freezers ensure the integrity and qualitative characteristics of your products remain for days - maintaining your brilliant colours, perfect shapes, inviting flavours and irresistible fragrances.

A shortened production cycle can drive other benefits: advance food preparation can enable product range expansion whilst perfectly maintaining food qualities.

The use of the blast chiller/ blast freezer eliminates the ‘scum’ found on creams, pies etc. This can also have knock on benefits for employee task organization.

The MASTER line of blast chillers / blast freezers are Techfrost’s top of the range, multifunctional machines that satisfy every client need; with up to 100mm insulation, ergonomic handle, high power & outstanding performance.

The ENTRY line boasts simplicity but with no sacrifice of functionality as it includes the typical functions present in all Techfrost blast chillers / blast freezers.

PASTRY : The blast chilling and blast freezing allow to obtain a new work system, faster and ideal for treating all the products from the raw and semi-cooked like croissant, bases for cakes, etc.) to the ones already cooked, also the most delicate, maintaining them fresh, exactly as just prepared. The blast chiller-blast freezers TECHFROST became a new workforce for your laboratory, increasing considerably profits and quality with rhythms of work definitely less stressful .

ARTISAN ICE : Since many years the blast chillers and blast freezers TECHFROST increase the value and improve the production of artisan ice cream, ice cream cakes and cold desserts. Thanks to a research that puts first the requirements of the gelato masters, TECHFROST is successful in proposing instruments suitable for any laboratory.
The fast blast chilling cycle guarantees the fast hardening and the perfect conservation of the ice cream specialties, with concrete advantages.

CATERING: The inadequate cooling of the food just cooked is the main cause of illnesses and poisonings. The blast chiller TECHFROST reduce drastically the temperature of the foods blocking the bacterial proliferation of the product and avoiding the dehydration of the product keeping the organoleptic qualities. The fast frozen produces also the phenomenon of the micro-crystallization of the liquids present in the foods, keeps the structure of the tissues and maintains therefore the quality also after the defrosting and regeration process.

BREAD-MAKING : The storage blast chiller TECHFROST opened new horizons and new markets to the artisan and industrial production of the bread and of the brioches. You can store uncooked food, partially or integrally cooked and leaved, keeping anyway the integrity and the fragrance.
Also the storage blast chiller TECHFROST allow to pass directly the products from the oven to the fast freezing maintaining absolutely unchanged the natural fragrance of the fresh product also those partially or completely cooked



Musso Stella
Musso Stella
Brand : Musso, Italy
For : Home, office
OASIS 2-10
OASIS 2-10
Brand : Cofrimell, Italy
For : Hotel, restaurant
Brand : Fracino, Italy
For : Ice cream shop
Platinum 12
Platinum 12
Brand : GELATEC, Italy
For : Ice cream shop

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Brand : Innova, Italy
Innova Slim 3PA
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Brand : Innova, Italy
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OASIS 2-10
Brand : Cofrimell, Italy
Brand : Fracino, Italy
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Brand : Cofrimell, Italy
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Super Miss 3
Brand : Innova, Italy

TADAVINA, established in 2016, importing of the gelato ingredients and equipment, located in Hanoi, Vietnam.


TADAVINA have distributed about Gelato, Yogurt and Soft ice cream ingredients, imported from Italia until now. All products that we always focus on importing and selling high quality products with Gelato Ingredients, Gelato Machines, Gelato showcases, Ice cream cabinets, Coffee Machines, Coffee grinders, Coffee Beans, Milkshake machines, Blast freezers, Pizza Ovens into Vietnam for gelato shops, coffee shops, bakery shops.


All of Gelato and coffee products, made in Italia, Greece, England, are being imported to sell for gelato shops, restaurants, bars, bakery and cafe like Gelato machines, soft machines, Coffee machines, Coffee beans, coffee grinders, blast freezers, cabinets, gelato showcases, milkshake machines, dispenser machines, slush machines.


Developed from an importer and brand representative, supplying gelato equpment and Italian ice cream ingredients and leading Italian gelato equipment. It is a combination of passion for clean ice cream and coffee, constantly thinking about how to create the purest, most outstanding and most delicious tea products for the community.


All of products displayed in the big showroom, the customers are able to see the actual products to  buy. After buying, the customers will be supported by the teams with 10 skillful technicians for gelato and café equipment…


TADAVINA with an excellent space for Gelato with ice-cream machines and showcases & Gelato Ingredients, to train customers how to make ice-cream, or to test and taste our products in the Italian restaurant naming Roma Dela. Here is also a large, well-equipped training room for Barista, Bartender and a great place to create new drinks, make demo to our customers.


TADAVINA are proud of perfect partners for setting up the Italian restaurants of Gelato, Café. Why ? We have got full conditons for your projects, we are importers, we are the supplier, we are the advisors. They are necessary for your long projects.


Always TADAVINA follow closely with you, with your success.

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